The main thrust of my research is to understand how individuals use technology and how firms can deliver services and products through omni-channel environments. I organize my research into two distinct, yet related, streams: 

Stream 1. Omni-channel retailing

Stemming from my professional experiences gained while working at Deutsche Bank, I am particularly interested in how firms design, evaluate and improve technologically mediated omni-channel environments to facilitate the consumer experience in retail contexts. My work provides insights into the complexity of the customer-to-business interactions in retail environments and examines some of the mechanisms through which success rates can be improved. 

Stream 2. Big data and large-scale data security breaches

My second research stream focuses on firms’ risks associated with leveraging big data in omni-channel environments. Retailers actively manage big data because they yield insights into how customers behave, what they may buy, and to anticipate their reactions to sales campaigns. Although big data and analytics provide ample opportunities, firms must recognize the risks associated with managing big data, e.g., when external parties gain unsolicited access to large data pools. The goal is to better understand how firms can design and implement strategies to manage the negative consequences of big data initiatives and large-scale data breaches.